These words describe in brief who I am, who I deeply want to be.
At the same time they are the titles of the two books that I wrote about my illness and healing


First, I would like to introduce  myself.
My name is Marja Huibers and I was born in Tilburg, the Netherlands. Daughter of kind, hard-working parents, who built up a furniture shop during the Second World War.
An antroposophical doctor drew my attention to a 7-armed candlestick (candle holder?) to show me where my position is in this family situation. Very clear.
I worked for a few years as a schoolteacher and had to stop working when in my marriage to Johan, our first child Patricia was born. That is how things worked in those days. That was the end of my job.
After 14 months Patricia was followed by Erwin. When Gijs arrived 4½ years later he completed our threesome.
Three miracles, that’s how I experienced them.
Now that I am a grandmother of 6 grandchildren I have been witness to more miracles.

With these beautiful grandchildren I have been more physically able than I ever was with our own children.
I have had a long journey of being disabled. In brief I usually say: 8 years wheelchair (half days on bed) and 6 years totally bed-ridden because of a disorder of the connective tissue which was called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome by one specialist, and Familial Joint Laxity by another. This meant, over flexible joints in the entire body, which could not be held together by the loose ligaments.
Although, in first instance, I was pleased that my longstanding pains and immobility had been given a name, eventually that name didn’t matter to me anymore. I had become aware that the falling apart of my joints, was trying to tell me something. It was trying to tell me a lot, as my pain was overwhelming.

What this was telling me, I later wrote down in my now published book: REMEMBER YOUR SELF. There is more about this book under “Books”.
This book tells the story of how I had to travel a long journey of self-awareness. A journey of inner healing and as by miracle also the healing of my body. The introduction and epilogue can be read on the website (under “Books”).

Later I published the book IN THE LIGHT. This is a book with artwork and accompanying texts. After years of putting the images that I had on paper, it was followed by silence………these were no more images. That was good. It seemed as if there was nothing more to say. The circle was complete.
I often get asked why I don’t paint anymore. I don’t get visions or images anymore…..I counsel people, give exhibitions, am a mother and a grandmother and yes, also a wife. I’m writing that here as last in the list, but is still first priority. The people closest to us are our greatest teachers. Everyone in there own unique way.
I have been privileged to receive several messages about more possible paintings. There is more about this elsewhere on the website.

With love

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