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REMEMBER YOUR SELF.........................IN THE LIGHT


I did it my way.
I got out of bed and I am walking again.

We are all on the road. On the road from living unconsciously, to total consciousness. A road to inner peace, from where we can love unconditionally. Each of us travels his own unique path. Your path may appear different but in essence it is equal to that of all human beings.
Remember Your Self is the description of such a unique road. Marja Huibers-Boeren relates how she spent eight years in a wheelchair because of a disorder of the connective tissue. Then she ended up in bed, where she lay for six years and where she was expected to spend the rest of her days. Day and night she was in pain, but most of all she suffered for not being able to be the wife and mother of her three children she would have wanted to be.
Until the moment she became aware, with the aid of loving helpers, of what illness is trying to tell us. “Illness shows us where we have strayed from the path, it stops us in our tracks and forces us to ask ourselves questions.” By listening to the ‘voice’ within her, by listening to the longing of her soul and by learning to live accordingly, instead of continuing to work on herself from the outside, she has experienced a total mental, emotional and spiritual transformation. Her wonder and gratitude about the way in which her body, that healed itself step by step, followed this transformation is immense. A miracle. Her suffering came to an end when she remembered all the parts of herself that she had always been, within her, in her soul, but that somehow she had forgotten about along the way. She became complete, whole and felt the peace this brings, the unconditional love that flows from her heart into the world.
This book relates her long path of failing and trying again. Maybe her path is different from yours, because you may not be ill, for example, but you will recognize many of the inner steps she takes.
The illustrations in this book are of her hand. She painted most of them during the years she was bedridden. All the things that could not be expressed or that she did not yet understand just flowed onto the canvas through her watercolour pencils.
These are a few reactions from proofreaders:

“Thank you for this extraordinary work. I learn something from it time and again. Every chapter goes deeper and deeper. Sometimes I already react differently towards my children…” Annelies

“My eyes welled up with tears when I read about your pain for not being able to be the mother you would have wanted to be. When I finished reading, I was left with a lot of unanswered questions. To me, that means it is a good book.” Pam

“What a beautiful gift. Your painting has touched me deeply. It is beautifully moving. You have such a divine talent… to show us, mortals, a glimpse of the love, harmony and beauty we are all heading towards. If you can give this to the world, you are forgiven for anything else. You only have to share your great talent; the Cosmos will look after you.
It is so beautiful. I can keep on looking at it forever; it makes me feel all quiet and warm inside. I am really looking forward to seeing the others. This one tells quite a story already… Thank you for becoming ill so your divine talent could surface. God bless you.” Christina


This collection contains 82 full-colour spiritual paint-ings by Marja Huibers-Boeren, and the texts she has written to accompany them.
“I have ‘sketched’ everything that was passed on to me from within, when I travelled along the road to total consciousness”.
Occasionally you will find a text that was written by someone else, but that expressed what Marja had painted so beautifully, that she really thought it had to be included in this collection. She is very pleased she can now offer you her collection of watercolours as a WHOLE.
You can read about the way Marja came to making these paintings in her book ‘Remember your Self’. This book also contains illustrations of her hand. Both titles put together as ‘Remember your Self in the Light’ express exactly what Marja has been through. In her work it becomes apparent how she placed every part of herself into the Light, which is why she can no longer deny anything. This is why she came increasingly closer to the Love within her. Closer to the Light. Closer to what we all are. Marja would like to spread this experience by means of this collection, among other things.
You can also use the paintings and their text when asking questions about your life. This is how they can give you some support: Close your eyes. Make contact with your feet and continue making contact upwards, with the other parts of your body. Once you have become focused on your Self, open the book. Now let the painting (and the text, if you wish) or the text (and the painting, if you wish) that is in front of you, work into you. Just be attentive. It will do its work.

“What a beautiful gift you have given me. Your painting has touched me deeply. It is so beautiful and moving. You have a divine talent… to show us, human beings, a glimpse of the love, harmony and beauty we are heading for. If you can give this to people, you are forgiven anything else; all you have to do is share your great talent, the Universe will look after you.
It is so beautiful. I can just sit and keep looking at it; it makes me feel tranquil and warm inside. I am looking forward to seeing your other work. This painting already tells quite a story… Thank you for becoming ill, so your divine talent could come to the fore. God bless you”. Christina

“When I held the yellow card with the poem about the lonely path in my hands, I was deeply touched because it was so recognizable. Immediately I knew: “This is my path.” It has helped me to find my strength again.” Geke
“The card with the supportive hands and the accompanying text by Tagore has brought about a drastic change in me. I took the first step on the path that ushered in a new phase in my life”. Trude

“Colour has never been more beautiful. I feel the energy flowing from your paintings. Thank you for sharing them with us!” Inez

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