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During the years, in which I lay on bed because of a disorder of the connective tissue, searching for the wisdom within my own body, more and more often I saw an image. That image continued to “tease” me until I had put it on paper. Only then it disappeared. To make place, as I later discovered, for a new image. These images told me where I was on my journey. Already during my illness the images came out and so became an invitation to others to recognise themselves and their journey in them.

My son Erwin writes the following about me and my work:
Marja Huibers-Boeren was born and bred in Tilburg, the Netherlands. For several years she was a schoolteacher. After getting married, she went to live in Son en Breugel, the Netherlands, where she raised her three children. During the toddler years of her children her health deteriorated, because of which she became bed-ridden. She was diagnosed with the Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, a chronic disorder of the connective tissue. Doctors gave her little chance to recover and there still is no treatment or medication known for it. By developing her inner strength, and using this together with her strong (iron ?) perseverance, to search for the limits of her possibilities, a recovery process was started. After years of lying on bed in a totally adapted house with wheelchairs and other equipment (tools ?) ,Marja visited the doctors who couldn’t help her , without any help.

The healing process, the pain, the sadness, the hope and love that were part of this, Marja has tried to catch into paintings during this process. Also she has written two books where these paintings are central in the story.

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