A medium's reading

A mediums’ reading

Marja received a reading from a medium about the images that she had and the paintings that came from these:

Beloved, we greet you from the Light. We offer you this message from your Sphere of Being ( Universal Being), your Home base.
Over the years we have followed your evolution and have brought you in contact with your creations that you have started to receive via your powerful “I Am” conscience.
With pleasure, dear daughter of Light, we announce to you that already new doors have been opened. You will get the opportunity, if your free will allows you, to further spread your Light over the borders of your country.
You are going back to your roots, where you once spread the Light of Earth, as you are doing this in this present life via us Angels.
We will soon offer you new creations to strengthen the Christ energy on Earth. Beloved, you are loved intensely and we will open you further for the great breakthrough. We have already seen this in the Spheres.
Give up your doubts. Sometimes you feel so much and then you can’t immediately decide. We will help you with this.
You work from the Fourth Ray, the heart and open star and the inner child. The mother and child, the devas and the angels are your nearest.
We are allowed to take you to the inner path of your galaxy conscience.
You decide,  we reach.
Soon you will sense this even better and will experience this for yourself. We will reward you very soon with a special blessing.
Wishing you continue to work in trance.
May we make a suggestion about how most people have painted and how I did?
Grind gemstones and mix this powder with your tinctures.
I am  St. Germain . Protector of the Violet Flame and tell you these truths.
Meditate on my presence. We are pleased that you are willing to answer our call. One again with the Violet Flame. You will receive evidence of this. Greetings on the inner I AM.

Your Compagnion and Lady Companion
 ADONAI          G.  

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