The long lost light

From: Remember your Self



The flame inside me has started to shine so much stronger. It has never felt as PEACEFUL as it does now. So ETERNAL. I feel this great confidence that if, in the future, part of my body stopped functioning properly, it would not take away anything of this flame. At most it will shine more brightly once this body, when it has served its purpose, is no longer needed. That is still in the future. For the time being I will do with what is there. The present is very gratifying. I could sing to the world: "People, it is not so bad if your body has to give up some of its strength. It is not easy, but it is not bad! As long as we stay in touch with our Being, nothing can hurt us. Our lights keep on shining. Our souls will one day be free from all pain and desire, totally healed and they will shine as brightly as the BIG SOURCE OF POWER, as THE UNIVERSE, as THE COSMOS, as GOD or call IT something entirely new if you want. All we have to do is find this LIGHT again. The LIGHT that connects us with the universal SOURCE OF LIGHT and with each other."


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